Feb. 22nd, 2011

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The protests are continuing and that's pretty awesome, but what's also awesome is all 50 states and multiple countries sending the protesters pizza. Thanks America! Thanks world! Even if it isn't from my favorite pizza place downtown. :F

And now I want pizza too. Dammit, and I already brought a sandwich for lunch.

Lots of people have been tugging on the door this morning, because apparently none of them can read the signs that say we don't open until 10. Again, you'd think that maybe half the lights in the store being off would be a good indicator, but what do I know.

Last Friday was my special bearzkin [livejournal.com profile] jou's 30th birthday!!! We went to dinner and had delicious cake. She deserves more than this kind of half-assed LJ shouting (WOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEARZZZZ!!!!), but I'm still working on that, and also she's back in Ohio right now and not paying attention to me. :F ...oh wait, she just texted me. How awkward!

And in the past weekish/a little more, I have cleverly tricked made some new LJ friends. Hello new friends! This is very exciting for me.

And now the store has opened and the people, oh god so many people aiudhfksdh my own qualm with the protest is that it's made it impossible to run into any of the coffee shops near my store because the lines there are insane. Cry more, me. I just need flavor drinks to help me deal with my job.

Edit: jksdhfks I hate Tuesdays and the people who pour in as soon as we're open because god forbid they don't get their new movies NOWNOWNOW.

Also, if you smoke, would you mind at least trying to exhibit some sense of personal hygiene so you don't smell so strongly of wet, moldy cigarette smoke that it carries across the counter and makes me feel ill? Thanks.
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After at least a year of going back and forth about whether it would or would not be a good idea, and in a gambit to make (as [livejournal.com profile] cecilmcgrlybts's wife says) "all the money in the world," I have finally submitted an application to be a "Word Artist/Technical Writer" at Epic Systems, a large employer in Verona that has employed four people I know - two who have good things to say about it, and two who have bad.

Maybe it would be a good job. Probably they won't even call. I guess I have nothing to lose.

I find it oddly appropriate on many levels that "Lose Yourself" came up on my playlist as I hit "submit."


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