Aug. 13th, 2011

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And so the week passed. I finally got to try a Tibetan restaurant I've been oggling, [ profile] infinityduck and I went to the library where I got books on medical curiosities and sewing, [ profile] jou and I hung out with [ profile] sail_aweigh and her amazing cats, and I had a good day at the gym on Friday which means that instead of spending the first 15 minutes of my run going "aksfuhsdkskj" I was kind of into it. And I applied for a job that I think I am terribly qualified for. So here's hoping.


I realized I've been social every night for a week, so today I am going to sit in my house and be a hermit. I may sew. I may write. NONE CAN SAY. The biggest goal will be to not sleep all the time forever. I do have to go out and run some errands first, but then...sitting. Hardcore sitting action.

Nicky appears to be trying to eat her tiny plush giraffe, which makes me concerned that she's developed a taste for animal flesh that nothing can truly sate. Here I always expected that would happen to Olivia first.


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