Aug. 24th, 2011

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Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, mom! We went to Restaurant Muramoto, which is a nice place, but actually seems to have more sushi than Sushi Muramoto. So um, yeah, good name choice there, guys.

And then there was delicious cake. I sewed her a bunny with a removable hat - I will post pictures in the future.

And other than that, there's not a lot to say. I went to the gym this morning before work, which was um...a thing, and this time next week I will have a new [ profile] feels_like_fire as my roommate. And I got a tumblr because all my friends are jerks everyone else was doing it and I was avoiding doing other things and I like pictures of things I like.

My tumblr is friedcheesemogu, so please come follow me or let me know your tumblr name and we can all be tumblr friends and you can watch me reblog a billion pictures of guinea pigs and John Cho and other people's customer service woes. It'll be a party!

Tonight I'm meeting Megan's dad and he will look at my resume and then (I assume) be all "with my mighty med school dean powers, I grant you a fabulous job of wonder!" Or you know, ideally just be really helpful.


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