Sep. 29th, 2011

maypirate: (God! I mean...UUHHHHH!)
So many things about this move are being handled so badly I can't even begin to explain it, nor does anyone really want to hear it. Just know that my store is supposed to open again in 24 hours with 60% of its current space and at least two sections still in location waiting to be packed, shelves missing, the counter not entirely built, no computer system, and yesterday most of our employees didn't show up until 5.

To give you a small visual reference, here is the anime section:

8 boxes, 3 cubic feet each.

Anime is actually one of our smaller sections.

I can't even.

Oh, and today it's raining. :)

I'm sorry for all these posts no one cares about, I just feel like documenting my boss' complete and utter devolution into total insanity. Also I need this for any time I start to think, "maybe my job isn't so stupid."

I'm just gonna go take some ibuprofen and go back to work now. I hope everyone else has an amazing day.


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