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In conclusion, [ profile] monkeybobert's wedding was lovely and sweet, and she looked amazing and I kind of looked a bit Mad Men-esque with poofy fancy hair that somehow survived the completely insane wind that made all of our outside pictures...interesting. And I finally figured out what to say.

Saturday night I faced one of my biggest fears when I got magically sick from something (probably some strange perfect storm combination of wedding food, more red wine than I usually drink, stress, and earlier in the week stomach evils) and survived. You may laugh, but seriously, I have spent at least 20 years being afraid that the culmination of nausea would somehow negate the entirety of my life prior to that point. Which it apparently didn't, although it was still somewhat psychologically scarring. My mom was all "Look, you didn't die! :D" And I am staying away from red wine and wedding buffets from now on.

And now, after a month of moving my store and working all the time, having guests, and doing wedding things, my life returns to relative normal, and I actually don't have anything I really need to do. Uh, except STBB. >.> Yeah.

Anyway, I have a backlog of delicious memes that I've been wanting to do, so MEMETIME STARTS NOW GO.

From [ profile] robley:

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

1. Wisconsin

Okay so we have a horrific governor of satanic evil, and a lot of the state is really bizarre, but this is my hood, dawg. And I do love it. There's cheese and corn and rock formations and snow. I can't really imagine growing up anywhere else, and while I like to think that maybe again someday I'll live somewhere else for a while, this will probably always be home.

2. Wheeking/Wheeting

The sound guinea pigs make. I love that sound, even when it actually means they're shouting at me to get them food. It's officially called "wheeking," but before I knew that I always called it "wheeting," and I'm sticking to it. I like to call the girls "wheety bees."

3. Wigmonsters

Uh...they're from the book "John Dies at the End" by David Wong. They have three eyes and a scorpion tail and wear toupees and have lots of baby hands, and they're kind of evil but also like to drink soda and eat sandwiches. I dunno, I'm just a fan. [ profile] infinityduck and I have emoticon'd them as such: //oo>o\

4. "Wet Hot American Summer" (movie)

My default comedy recommendation. There is really nothing about this movie that isn't fantastic.

5. Wisconsin Dells

It's basically a tourist trap of waterparks and kitsch but I kind of love it. It's a beautiful area and it has a torture museum and an alligator farm.

6. "Washingtonians, The" (movie)

It's this short horror movie about how this girl finds a note from George Washington that's like "I like to eat children and also here is a fork made out of a femur" and there's now a whole society of people who dress up in powdered wigs and costumes and cannibalize everything. It's hilarious and bad and amazing. From the back of the case: "...this gruesome tale about the discovery of a Revolutionary War artifact that proves George Washington's famed wooden teeth hungered for more than just liberty."

7. "War of the Coprophages," (X-Files episode)"

"Her name is Bambi?"

8. Wolverines

Did you know they're the largest member of the weasel family? And they're smelly and bitey and rahr-y and eat all the animals all the time. I have a plush one and the tag says something about how they like to jump on their prey from trees. Wolverines are big fuzzy claw-jerks and they're fantastic. Also, Hugh Jackman. It's all good.

9. Waffles

I LOVE WAFFLES. I also just like the word "waffles." My wireless signal has been named "Waffles" for about four years now. And kikipups like waffles and [ profile] jou and I have matching waffle key-toppers for our keys to each other's houses. Waffles mean many lovely and beautiful things to me.

10. "When You Were Young," The Killers

One of my very special Chase songs. And it reminds me of my second year of grad school. It just...there's a lot of feelings.

And finally, the coffee shop upstairs has the very best early gray/London fog tea lattes I've ever had. I am drinking one right now out of my Charlotte tumber and it is fantastic. So now every morning starts like this:

...except that they're really nice and they like me, so they will take all my money, but I won't tell them to shut up.
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