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I found this quiz on tumblr and how could I not take it?

YES. I AM EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED TO BE AND I HAVE PERFECT HAIR FOREVER (assuming a contingency of seasons 4-7 of course).

In other news, there is no news. I spent the weekend not really doing anything for the first time in a long time and it was *amazing.* And I mean, not actually doing nothing, but doing simple quiet things I wanted to do, like sewing for a million years and watching all the "Law and Order: SVU," eating at Bluephies twice, and chilling with my "peeps," as it were.

Last week I went over to [ profile] sail_aweigh's house so we could punchspire each other into working on our STBBs, and it helped, so I'm going over again tonight. I would really like to get to the climax of the story (I hope I hope) because I need to send it away to my beta and give my artist and mixer the heads up on the end and still have time to fix things/add things/MORE PORN THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE KIKIPUPS PORN aduhfskd/ etc.And then I can be allowed write terrible Steve/Harold crack because my roommate ruined my life.

I have almost finished my Erik and Charles dolls, which have involved a lot of shouting at Charles' hair and occasionally shrieking "WHY DO I DO THIS" as I embroidered tiny faux zippers onto tiny legs. My plan is to use them to launch a doll commissions post, and honestly, I think they've turned out pretty great. >.> Ahem.

And uh...I've gotten pretty good at making chicken marsala, which I did with [ profile] infinityduck last night. And my mom got me a beautiful sweatshirt I was pining for as an early early Christmas present and it is full of softness and beauty and did not come out of a dumpster like most of my recent "new" clothes. So that's cool too.

I think I may need to try to semi unclog the toilet in the store bathroom, but I'm biding my time on that, hoping it'll fix itself. Ah, my job.
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