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I don't know where my weekend went.

I mean, I kind of know, but it was there and then it was gone. But that's okay, because I cleaned and watched "Law and Order: SVU" and finished up five dolls and I only have to work two days this week and then I'm free to roll around on the floor giggling crazily too myself about how my boss has to actually do her damn job aaaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Have this picture of me lying on top of the DVD drawers at work.

I like it up there. Please also enjoy the posters behind me. They are, from the far end, a peace sign with condoms on the fingers, two gay men wrapped in an American flag and supporting condom usage, and "Metropolis." These are the signatures of my store, and may give you a glimpse, for a moment, of why the entity of the store itself is meaningful to me.

Also weird.

Anyway, here are some of the dolls I finished this weekend:

So yeah those only took me i823642783 years, but that's also because I was like "YES. I must embroider ALL THE ZIPPERS. AND THE KNEEPADS."

Dramatic scene is dramatic. I do kind of want to make Erik a little Magneto helmet, but I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of it.

They're for sale, too! Or commission, if you wanted different outfits or other X-moons or whatever. WE CAN DISCUSS. I plan to work on a commissions post this week during my time off.

I also did two Spock, and they have clothes this time! I'll take pictures of those later.

When I came into work today, the store smelled like egg rolls thanks to the cheap Chinese place next door. I have never been as unthrilled by the scent of egg rolls before. Yargh.
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