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Slow me has been slow and distracted by everything and it's cousin. I'd like to write about my amazing and entirely too short five days off (which was really more like three days off, honestly), but I want to add pictures which means getting them off my camera, resizing them, uploading them, arglebargle life is hard or something. The short version is YAY I WASN'T AT WORK, I saw [ profile] timbean, I mailed awful pastries across England, my car didn't start and my phone wouldn't work simultaneously, I wrote things somehow, and I bought some new pants. There was also the most amazing cupcake of my life, but that really does need pictures.

I've also been alternately working on/being afraid of my STBB. I finished the rough draft on Friday, and the posting date is tomorrow, and last night I decided to have an epic terrible breakdown over some beta-related stuff and decide I'd written a story that ate up a year and a half of my creative heart entirely wrong. So that was cool.

I'd like to think that today I'm in a better position to deal with it, and hopefully I can make some fixes without any more useless crying get it together Amber because tomorrow we go live.

And after that, things should resume as normal, and pictures will be posted. For now, here are some pigfeets:

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