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One of these days... a real entry. I promise. I just have spent most of the past week since posting my STBB in a kind of "I don't have to worry about my STBB" haze and also working and sleeping and being a bum. And not uploading the pictures of cupcakes I mean to bombard everyone with.

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm at work, which is okay generally, because all I really do on Thanksgiving is watch X-Files and I can do that here. I mean, yes, it's obnoxious as hell that we're the only thing open aside from Starbinx, and it'll probably get busy later as people become less and less able to deal with their families, but for now, I'm good.

And of course, this year, as ever, I'm thankful for my family and my friends (including all of y'allz), for being there for me and just being in my life in general. I might want some kind of magical hovering toaster to grant all my wishes, but in reality, I couldn't ask for any better people to share my life with.

...okay and I'm also grateful for people who dress up their guinea pigs in festive costumes.

Happy Thanksgiving or Thursday or whatever day you'd like. <3
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