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The other day, in true holiday spirit, [ profile] starsandgraces and I were discussing the issue of naglaeria amoeba infesting Neti pots, and we had this delightful conversation.

[ profile] starsandgraces: When the egg comes a-nogging, don't go... toboggan
[ profile] maypirate: *laughs*
[ profile] maypirate: ...mmmm nog.
[ profile] starsandgraces: I don't fully know what it is
[ profile] maypirate: I have no idea what it is. But I like it.
[ profile] starsandgraces: IT'S AMOEBAE
[ profile] maypirate: IT IS NOT D:
[ profile] starsandgraces: IT IS
[ profile] maypirate: WHYYYYY
[ profile] starsandgraces: SCIENCE
[ profile] maypirate: Science is fucking up my Christmas.
[ profile] starsandgraces: You said you enjoyed Christmas amoebae!
[ profile] maypirate: Well...yes...but...
[ profile] maypirate:...but...
[ profile] maypirate: They didn't say they were going to get into my eggnog! D:
[ profile] maypirate: I imagine going home and finding a Christmas amoeba soaking in a mug of eggnog on my coffee table.
[ profile] maypirate: Just like "hi there. >) "
[ profile] starsandgraces: *texts Kat*
[ profile] maypirate: OH NOOO
[ profile] maypirate: THE EGGNOG WOULD BE ALL AMOEBIC
[ profile] starsandgraces: it's okay, I don't have her phone number, hahahaha
[ profile] maypirate: THE AMOEBA WOULD BE ALL NOGGY
[ profile] maypirate: The sad part is I can also see myself sucking nog off a fuzzy amoeba.
[ profile] starsandgraces: I can too
[ profile] maypirate: I'm not sure what this says about me.
[ profile] starsandgraces: You like nogmoeba

And lo, it was decreed.

Amoebas. (Green Amboeba appears courtesy of [ profile] starsandgraces herself)


Amoebanog! Also acceptable: Nogmoeba.

The green one is going for it!

Delicious. Also I'm pretty.

In conclusion, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Krazy Kwanzaa, and Tip-Top Tet. Or if none of those are good for you? Just have an awesome day.
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