Jan. 25th, 2011

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So 2011 is already kind of on notice for having suspicious intentions. Yesterday was rough for some of my friends and then, as usual, I had bad dreams, so today I'm huddling in my Kiki Sulu sweatshirt, hoping for better things.

In positive news, though, Christian Bale finally got nominated for an Oscar, which thrills me muchly, even if it means he's up against Geoffery Rush, whom I also adore. I'm not particularly surprised by how the Oscar nominations have ended up, nor do I have anything or anyone aside from Mr. Bale that I'm particularly gunning for, but I'll be crossing my fingers for my dude and "Black Swan" which I'll see someday. Really.

And my professionally done haircut has turned out to be horribly lopsided, someday I need to find time to fix that. And get a therapist. Because my career counselor thinks I will never be able to get a new job unless I do.

Ugh. Maybe I'll watch a lot of movies with screaming today. Those make me feel better.

Edit: Oddly stressful day was oddly stressful, and I just now realized that "Shutter Island" didn't get any nominations. Blargh. And frankly I think that was a much better role for DiCaprio than in "Inception," but that's probably just me. Stupid movies.


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