Mar. 3rd, 2011

maypirate: (OMG PIPPIN!)
Thank you very much to everyone who dispensed birthday wishes! I had a lovely day, no customers yelled at me, and there was sushi and steak and cake and gifts that were mostly kitchenware, but that's basically what I asked for.

BITCH GOT ME AN EGG CUBER!!! Bitch being the colloquial term for [ profile] caffeaffogato, who also bestowed upon me other egg-shaping devices. And [ profile] jou got me a waffle iron which I will use to make kikipups waffles once I figure out what the hell that would even mean.

And then we watched a Taiwanese bootleg of "LotR: Fellowship of the Ring," with crazy subtitles that really changed the meaning of the film. Who knew that Aragorn was not only his own father, but Boromir's as well? I sure didn't.

Now that the world doesn't bend to my whim, I need to find a dentist covered by my new insurance, since I'm pretty sure I have a massive cavity in one of my upper back teeth. Good job, me. And I'm wary of what the encroaching spring might mean for my allergies (pretty sure the answer will be "nothing good").

Just had to deal with a longtime customer who is super creepy and refers to the actresses in the movies he collects as "little girls." Does that make you feel dirty? It makes me feel dirty. Every time.

Have this picture to make it better:

According to Google translations: "I shout it on a trip around the world."


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