Mar. 7th, 2011

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Weekends go by so fast these days, especially when you're being a giant lazyface. Here's a list of things I feel like talking about.

-Nicky seems to be fine. *knock on wood* And I should clarify that she was never really not fine, it was more me being very scared that she might not be. She's generally pretty good about taking her medicine, although I had to chase her a little today. I gave her a lettuce bottom for her trouble, since she loves those.

-My boss called me at 8 yesterday morning to say that she "couldn't get to sleep at all" and so "didn't feel up to coming to the staff meeting." This information was met with rage by every single employee who was also tired, and who would never be allowed to do something like that. How I want to kick her. At least there was cake at the meeting, and she didn't get any.

-Satrday, I watched "The Ring" (the American version) with [ profile] infinityduck and [ profile] jou for the first time since I bought it like 5 years ago. And I definitely hadn't seen it in like 8 years. Leading up to watching it, I was a ball of freaking-out, because while I like it a lot and think it's beautifully done, it also really scares me. And then I couldn't really get it out of my head for a day. Damn you, movie! You and your terrorfaces and your wells and your "all I ever wanted was you"'s.

-I finished this book:

...which was really astounding. It was by turns really gross, scary, poignant, profound, horrifying, and very very funny. And the writing was like being kicked in the shins and then the person who kicked you in the shins asks you to buy them a coke and you do and you end up sitting at a 24 hour family restaurant until like 4 AM while they talk about all sorts of shit that doesn't necessarily make sense but it's so fucking compelling, and meanwhile they eat endless fries and pie on your dime. It just floored me. I can't even tell you.

-So suppose you had an idea for a story, and then the idea changed and the change of the idea and the scope of the story freaked you out so much that you couldn't write it, but many months after you told people you gave up on it you still think about it every day but just... don't know how to ever write it down or necessarily make it work and it drives you insane and hurts. What would you do? Would you finally bury the idea so you could try to move on? Or would you keep holding onto it, in case someday you got your shit together? Anyone? This is all... you know... hypothetical. >.>

-No really though, please help me with that last bit.

-Next week I am going to California. Today I am just going to yoga.


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