Mar. 30th, 2011

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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] kleptoneko! Way to go and have your birthday while I was on vacation so I totally forgot like an asshole. Good job. :p I miss you and I hope you come home someday so you can meet Chris and the pigs. I hope you had a wonderful day, and that this year is awesome, and it will be, since now we're magical girls.

And happy actual birthday [ profile] monkeybobert! You are beautiful, talented, and amazing, which I know you know but I wanted to say it again anyway. It's now been ten years since you hid from me in fear, look how grown up we are! Or something! I think about you every day and I'm always proud of you, and I hope you have a fantastic year, and that I get to see you sometime soon. <3

I'm having a dance party in my headphones with myself to songs every one got over last summer. I'm a little slow on the uptake, okay? If I had powers, I would animate Charlotte rocking out to Ke$ha like 12 times over. Mami blow my speakers up.

My dad has been a dour ball of stress and glumness, and some people might ask, how is that different from usual, but it is, so we're going to dinner tonight. I kind of wanted to find a restaurant that served nothing but bland mush, but since one of those isn't going to exist until I start it, I've picked another place that I hope will have good soup.

I wish my boss wasn't around or I would totally do some dancing.


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