Apr. 20th, 2011

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'The Dark Knight Rises' officially adds Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to cast 20 hours ago | EW.com - Inside Movies

I'm just waiting for the part where they officially confirm "Dark Knight Rises" to be "Inception." Seriously though.

I bypassed more sponge loaf experiences this morning by going to breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] agamemnon183 and having a ham and asparagus omelet. Yesss. The power of eggs compels you. Unfortunately, I'm quickly losing the battle against making my lunch the "all fries all the time" show, since uhgshgsk matzah, and I'm not sure if/when peanut butter goes bad so I'm automatically afraid of it. Anyone know about peanut butter expiration?

Just a few hours until [livejournal.com profile] sink_or_swim, and I realized last night I haven't seen her since fall 2007. I hope we don't awkwardly walk right past each other. :F

In preparation for her arrival, I may watch STXI. Or I suppose I could watch the FMA movie, but sadly I don't have my horrific fansub of wonder and awfulness.

This entry of outstanding boringness is brought to you by WEDNESDAY and the sore spot on my tongue.

Edit: I just discovered it's George Takei's 74th birthday!

Happy birthday, sir! Thanks for giving us Sulu. I'm even wearing my TEAM SULU sweatshirt today by pure coincidence!


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