Apr. 29th, 2011

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Wednesday night I was looking at the Weather Channel website just to investigate what I should wear the following day, and I was horrified to learn about the tornadoes that ransacked the south. I watched some of the footage of the storms and it was just unbelievable.

A woman I have never spoken to, but know of through my various guinea pig communities lost her house, and likely all of her 8 pigs and rats. Her daughter was badly injured, and her dog may lose an eye. She had an online business making lovely pig beds and accessories, supporting guinea pig rescues and taking wonderful care of her furry children. My heart just breaks every time I think about her loss. Sad guinea pig stories always get me, and this one is just terrible - although as of right now, they found one of her pigs, and she is alive and well.

I have a lifelong fear of tornadoes - I'll never be the person who thinks they're cool or wants to watch, and it was only after many years that I didn't retreat to the basement at the mere mention of the possibility of tornadic weather. The damage to is incredible and random and terrible. And what the people in the south went through on Wednesday, what they saw are things I've seen in my nightmares. I can't imagine the true horror of living it.

Here's a short list of charities helping out down there, and here is a page for "Sponsoring a Guinea Pig Lover." I know times are awful, and not many people are as attached to pigs as I am. I know people have given a lot recently to help the poor people in Japan and New Zealand. But if you have a moment, at least spare a thought for them. <3


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