May. 4th, 2011

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So for a lot of today, I was kind of in a bad/sad mood and things were not so great. But Nicky's eye wasn't scratched, she stopped squinting, the vet gave her some salve, and eventually I got to eat some pie.

And this was on my forum, by way of the Facebook community set up for animals displaced/lost in the storm:

If you are missing a guinea pig and a small dog, I need to put you in contact with my sister. The dog was found guarding the guinea pig who was trapped in some debris.

And the story that went with it, from the person who made the post:

"My sister assumed the dog went with the guinea pig because the dog was sitting near where the guinea pig was buried in some rubble. When her fiance tried to pick up the dog, he howled and barked and even bit him. So he put the dog in the car where he proceeded to howl and cry. She insisted that there had to be a reason that the dog was acting that way, so her fiance went back, and that was when he found the guinea pig. When the dog saw the guinea pig, he was then fine and settled down, after he was allowed to sniff it."

Apparently they are both fine and being cared for. Together. I just about bawled.


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