May. 25th, 2011

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So last week kicked my butt. I didn't even get to talk about my garage sale, because I was too busy being butt-kicked. I had a garage sale the Saturday before last. I sold many of my Barbie goods to little girls who seemed excited, and even two little boys. One boy bought my Latina Police Officer Barbie. I wanted to hug his mother and tell her she was doing a great job.

And then the week of fail!me occurred and that sucked. But here's where things left off:

-Thursday: failed at the internet. Was fed cake in a mug by [ profile] sail_aweigh to fix life. Life temporarily fixed.

-Friday: got 2 fillings in my lower left jaw at 7 AM. Procedure not painful, and they let me hold a plush bird in my lap while they did it. Experienced exciting numbness and shared said numbness across oceans with [ profile] reikah. Then went to lunch. Eventually felt ill and tired and tired and ill and went home to sleep. Failed at some other stuff but sort of stopped failing eventually.

-Saturday: Failed a little more, but eventually fail-situation was unfailed, although I did have to go to work and it was busy and urgh. Slept through the rapture, not a big deal because JEWISH. Ate pizza and cake and watched movies with [ profile] harukaceles to celebrate our non-rapturous faiths.

-Sunday: somehow managed not to fail for the most part, only fail was on the part of my apartment which was too hot. Birthday dinner with friends for [ profile] infinityduck and then a nighttime walkies with [ profile] jou, [ profile] caffeaffogato, and [ profile] purest_lime. Upon the return of walkies, we all proceeded to pass out.

-Monday: Was lazy butt. Went to see my allergist who kept saying "you have very serious allergies" in the tone of voice usually reserved for "you have a horrible disfiguring disease." Made pizza and had cake in celebration of Chris' actual birthday, then watched "Alien." Was not killed by aliens on way home.

-Tuesday: Bossfail, meaning my boss was at work when I got to work and that made the day so much longer. Suffered from probably PMS-induced fandom fail ("oh god why am I so bad at fandom, it only brings me suffering, why do I suck so much and why do I ship what I ship and why don't I go live in cave and eat bugs boo hoo hoooo"), was comforted by beautiful people who are beautiful ([ profile] mrasaki, [ profile] starsandgraces, [ profile] sink_or_swim). Ate some noodles and felt better, then proceeded to try not to fail at the webs with some degree of success.

So far today I got two more fillings on the upper right of my mouth, and the numbness goes diagonally up my face, so half my nose feels itchy-ish and I keep rubbing it. I want a tea latte but I need to eat better and save money, so I'm sure I'll make it another hour or so before I totally cave in.

All in all, this pretty much explains everything about everything:

Thank you for your attention. I will try to be more adept in the future.


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