May. 29th, 2011

maypirate: (Ranma - get off my boat!)
In which a simile kind of gets away from me, but I attempt to reel it back in with minor success:

[ profile] maypirate: She acted like a reasonable human the other day, which she does every now and then, and it was super frustrating as usual.
[ profile] maypirate: I never know what to do with myself when she isn't a troll.
[ profile] starsandgraces: Hahahaha
[ profile] starsandgraces: I'm sorry
[ profile] maypirate: It creates so much cognitive dissonance.
[ profile] maypirate: It's like that old WB cartoon with the dancing frog.
[ profile] starsandgraces: I... do not think I know it
[ profile] maypirate: ....that's terrible.
[ profile] starsandgraces: OKAY
[ profile] starsandgraces: PLEASE DO
[ profile] maypirate:
[ profile] maypirate: It's actually surprisingly bleak. ANd like, a study of slow descent into madness.
[ profile] maypirate: But in cartoon form, of course.
[ profile] starsandgraces: O_O
[ profile] maypirate: But the point here is, that my boss is like an anomalous dancing frog. Where you're like "boring frog WAIT DANCING FROG wait no, boring frog again, did that really happen?"
[ profile] starsandgraces: Hahahahahaha
[ profile] starsandgraces: I see
[ profile] maypirate: And then you end up poor and alone and crazy.
[ profile] maypirate: Or something.
[ profile] maypirate: That part is optional.
[ profile] starsandgraces: Please don't go crazy and poor and alone
[ profile] maypirate: Well no promises. But I'll try not to.

Anyway, for clarification, and so I can remember this the next time I want to beat her to death with a Russ Meyer VHS, for literally 5 years I have been waiting for us to sell our last Ranma 1/2 OVA set:

This year, it was finally on the cusp, and I did my best to shove it over. And then my boss pointed out that it sells for nothing less than $90 on Amazon. Whereupon I went "SIFUHSIUHI I'LL GIVE YOU $60 FOR IT!" and in a surprisingly humane act, and one that lost her at least $20, she gave it to me.

I know $60 may seem like a lot for an anime set of this age, but you have to understand that 1) I love this thing to pieces, 2) I obviously couldn't get it for a better price, and 3) I'VE WAITED FIVE YEARS FOR THIS. FIVE YEARS.

Anyway, that was the major success of my week, and apparently the most important thing I can think of right now. Soon my boss will resume not being a dancing frog and all will be darkness once more.


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