Jun. 1st, 2011

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I hope everyone who was Memorial Day-inclined had a pleasing weekend. I watched "Candyman" twice in two days. And also considered both my grandfathers, who were WWII veterans. Some barbeque was also consumed.

Yesterday was not one of the best days in my realm. Job stuff is endlessly depressing, my own abilities are often under intense personal scrutiny, and shit just kind of sucked.

It got better by virtue of a bad Chinese food picnic with [livejournal.com profile] infinityduck and [livejournal.com profile] jou on a balcony in beautiful weather, and then we watched "Blacula," which everyone should see because of the title alone. And then we all went to bed early because we're awesome.

Anyway. Today I feel a little better - the job front is still extraordinarily dismal, but it's another nice day (even though it's about 2 degrees in the store and I'm thinking about busting out the space heater but um, it's June), Otakon has my hotel registration, and now I am going to share pictures of what I've been doing lately.

Because I suck at writing and reading, but I am into the sewing.

It's like a bad facebook picture! (They get better under here, really.) )

I have 2.75 other projects in the works. I find it very peaceful overall, although I'm a little unsure of how long things take me, because I'll think I'm doing it fast and then I'll realize an entire disc of X-Files or Criminal Minds has gone by and I'm still stitching miniscule legs.

Today seems like a good day for an Awake Tea Latter from Starbinx. We shall see.


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