Jul. 1st, 2011

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In case anyone I recently friended was under the illusion that at 28 I was capable of dressing myself, I thought I would present the evidence to the contrary:

Yeah that is a turquoise dress with brown leopard spots. Yeah I went there. I'm also wearing JEANS under it, because I'm one of those jerks. Who wants to be seen on the street with me?!?! No one? I didn't think so. :F

(And yes, those ARE Christmas stockings. Danielle and her girlfriend hung them up and never took them down, but I guess it's no worse that my St. Patrick's Day-themed "welcome" sign on the front door that's up all the time even though no one in my family is anything near Irish.)

Anyway, the reason for my awesome outfit is that it's supposed to be something like 36 trillion degrees today, so I thought I would bust out my summer best. I have already turned my apartment into a mini-fridge so the pigs can live comfortably. I survived 23 years without air conditioning, I think I'm allowed to make up for some of that at least once a year.

I am totally thrilled with the reactions to my felt stuff, and I will put up a commissions post shortly, when I'm not dragging my feet about getting to work.

Speaking of work, I found a job posting for an Assistant Manager at a place called "Selective Video," which is, as you would guess, a porn store. So it would be like my current job, but with more porn. And not classy "erotica" like that other place I applied, this would just be flat-out porn. But it says that the wages are "competitive" so I'm horribly tempted, and then I want to take a long look at my career life and maybe scream. I dunno, I should probably apply just for kicks. Watch them reject me even though it's what I do every day. :F

Anyway. Here is a picture of Nicky being fabulous and hay-monstery for your time:


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