Jul. 31st, 2011

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I was so busy with work and sewing (in the end, all the things were not sewed, although I made a pretty kicking clothed Spock) that I failed to post that I was going to Otakon, and then LJ was down so the one day I did have webs, I couldn't actually say anything.

You know, in case anyone missed me or was concerned or anything.

I went to Otakon with [livejournal.com profile] infinityduck.

Now we are home.

It was good if stressful times. My hand feels funny from drawing so much.

I have ignored 2 episodes of NCIS to catch up on LJ and eat ramen, really the only feasible food in my house.

(I still love you LJ and I read everything, I just suck at commenting because my brain is...I can't even think of a good word I'm sorry I'm a monsterrrr)

I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow. And then I will blather on about my journey.

Although Wisconsin? Having the same climate as Baltimore is not cool. Please reconsider this decision, thank you.


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