Aug. 8th, 2011

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Last week seemed so tremendously busy or something. I'm not sure I got home before 8 pm any day but Friday, and that was because I skittered out of work early and then fell asleep.

But I went to the gym, cleaned out the super disgusting fridge at work, nearly went catatonic in a meeting with my boss where she just talked and talked and talked about her newest money-making venture that sounds (as usual) like a terrible idea, got to eat at a new dumpling restaurant, saw HP 7.2 and drank a rum and coke simultaneously (I am harcore), and gave a bachelorette party.

In regards to ye olde Harry Potter... )

To be honest, though, my favorite part may have been the soundtrack. I really dug that. I will have to find a place from which to procure it for not so many dollars.

And yes, I did mention a bachelorette party. It was for [ profile] monkeybobert and it was a good time, even though we opted not to try to go to a strip club because we are cheap and didn't want to pay a cover charge or deal with a drink minimum. Instead there was not-Japanese-Japanese-food, saketinis, funny hats, a porn store with $1 cock rings that we wore like actual rings, pie with exorbitant amounts of oreos, then crafts while we watched bad "sexy(?)" movies. I will have to get the pictures. I considered it a great success, and much less intense and taxing than going out all night in New York. I think we were all tired by midnight. :F

And then my parents came back from England and brought the pigs fabulous presents from Harrods and a stuffed "plague rat" for me. They know me so well.

Now it is Monday and I'm totally going to yoga this week. For real.


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