Sep. 18th, 2011

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Now that I've been eerily silent for a week, I feel like I should try to learn to talk again. Or write. I dunno, I seem to be bad at both of these things, but I feel like I just haven't had much of interest to say.

You get a bullet point list, I'm sorry for that, it happens when I fall behind.

-Life continues apace with [ profile] feels_like_fire. She joined me for Yoga last week, which I need because without a yoga buddy I'm less inclined to go, so hopefully she'll keep me on track.

-Last weekend, [ profile] jou and I went to a Quilt Expo and attended a lecture on Esty shops and then bought many a craft good.

-Tuesday I walked around for three hours hanging up flyers to try to attract new students and such. It was mostly all right- it was a beautiful day and I didn't really have to talk to anyone, although I did have one unpleasant conversation with a total asshole and eventually my feet feel badly magical. I probably walked at least three miles, all over campus and then back to my apartment.

-...where [ profile] jou, [ profile] sail_aweigh and [ profile] thistlerose awaited me, and we had dinner and talked about all kinds of things and stuff and it was good to see Rachel before she disappeared into the wilds of Maryland. I even got to meet her cats.

-I've been meaning to post about this since I found out, but I'm super slow: my store is moving. )

-I watched "X-Men: First Class" again and came to the same conclusion: I like Magneto. The end.

-It's almost the High Holidays, and also [ profile] starsandgraces will be here soon and we will make all the food in the world.

-The library downtown is moving so Friday [ profile] infinityduck and a friend from work went to their sale and I got a stack of old teen and cooking magazines, a book on guinea pigs, one book that's so awesome I have to scan it, and one giant "Textbook of Medicine" for the fantastic price of about $3.

-Last night I watched [ profile] harukaceles make a yakisoba recipe, and we finished "RuPaul's Drag Race" and everyone was beautiful.

-As far as anything creative, though, I've felt awful and unfocused and I tried to write yesterday and it was terrible and I spent most of the weekend just being a giant shlub and maybe I needed that because I feel like I'm constantly on the move but urgh. Apparently I'm only allowed two weeks of creativity and then a month and a half of feeling like an inept failure, which is lame because now I actually have a deadline and I never should have said anything about my stbb because I probably jinxed myself and why am I so bad at fandom adskfhsdkjfs everything is flies forever.

-But I did build a shelf and seven drawers while drinking wine and watching B-movies. So that was good. But I gave myself an awesome blister on the palm of my right hand. Which is not so good. I guess it evens out or something, blar.

This was a very long and boring entry so here is a gamerpig for your time


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