Dec. 8th, 2011

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I just seem to have an endless supply of not free time and forgetting, which is pretty standard for me. I also have pictures I need to resize and upload and then I get overwhelmed at that small act because it reminds me of all the other things I need to do and everything is madness all the time.

So here are some points of interest:

-Last Saturday I went to a craft/fine art fair with my mom, then we went to Perkins, where I had breakfast/lunch consisting of a slice of French Silk Pie with a side of bacon. Because I am a classy lady.
-MY JOB. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ugh. My boss has acquired several new titles: "the thing in the basement," "It," and as a result of the previous one, "Pennywise," since she's always downstairs and "they all float down there. Theoretically I might get a raise for the first time in two years. Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.
-[ profile] monkeybobert moved back and we've already gone to yoga together and it is beautiful and amazing.
-[ profile] caffeaffogato, however, is moving away in January, which is not beautiful and makes me tremendously sad.
-On Thanksgiving, I noticed Nicky might have the beginning of a UTI, so off she went to the vet, where she got antibiotics, and was a very good girl about taking them even though I'm sure it was the last thing she wanted to do.
-Watched the "Thor" rifftrax, which was incredibly pleasing, especially the end credits. I always forget what Tom Hiddleston actually looks/sounds like until I watch it and then I go "Oh. Huh. He's more appealing than I remembered."
-Speaking of Thor and such, I finished a Loki doll for [ profile] jou and it may be the best thing I've done to date (except for one thing that I see as a huge glaring flaw but apparently no one else notices? whatever). I plan to post pictures shortly, and hopefully get some input on pricing so I can set up COMMISSIONS!!! (Commissionsssss)
-I wish I could buy everyone all the gifts, but I just don't have the money. Hence the hope for commissions.
-Last weekend was the one year anniversary of the car accident that destroyed the Mach 19. I avoided the intersection where it happened for the most part and no one ran any red lights at me.
-I AM GOING TO MAKE A WINTERTIME CARD POST. It know, will be late. Like always.

It's finally gotten pretty cold, but it has yet to snow. I can't really complain today, though, because the sky is so blue and it's just lovely out. If only I hadn't forgotten my scarf. How did I even do that.


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