Dec. 23rd, 2011

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So I posted two days in a row then failed for a week. Heyoooo my life. As usual, I'm not moving to Dreamwidth. One of these days I may get an account there, but I will likely be here until the ship sinks, and then I'll live on the ocean floor for a while. Because that's how I am.

Anyway. HAPPY CHANUKKAH TO THOSE SO INCLINED. I've successfully lit the candles with my parents twice this week. I'm rocking it this year.

Last Saturday I drove down to see [ profile] timbean one more time, and we ended up eating twice at "Full Moon Restaurant," my new favorite restaurant in the world. It's everything you've ever wanted in a diner and more. I have pictures on my phone that will hopefully appear after the holidays, which I'm working. Well, not tomorrow, because I traded with Richard so I could go see "Adventures of Tintin" with my parents, [ profile] infinityduck and Megan and her husband. I've heard some glowing reviews of it, and I'm pretty excited.

Also thank you so much to the people who sent me cards even though I didn't get my own post up in time. Actually, speaking of that post...

CARD POST TIME IS NOW. So yes, they'll be more like exciting midwinter cards! DO YOU WANT AN EXCITING MIDWINTER CARD PLEASE? Leave your address (comments are screened, but also feel free to PM me if you feel safe about that) and I will get off my butt and make it happen this year.



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