Jan. 12th, 2011

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I feel like I've really done nothing of note lately, mostly just going about the days and doing day-like things, working and complaining about working and visiting my creatures. My feet are killing me this week for no clear reason, and I'm wondering if I turned my ankle slightly chasing after a customer who forgot to put the disc back in the case. Whatever, I'll just go to the gym tomorrow instead of today.

I used my holiday bonus to get "Clash of the Titans" for like $5 (dude I don't care how lousy a movie it is, it's awesome) and ordered "FlashForward" so now I can enjoy quantum physics and John Cho's suits any time I like.

Speaking of Mr. Cho, I'm a big dork. )

In conclusion, here's a cute little article from the UK: Guinea Pigs Mistaken For Pot Farm.

They never stopped to consider that maybe the pigs themselves were growing pot. They are sneaky little things.


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