Jan. 28th, 2011

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At the sort of end of a week where I have felt a lot like junk, [livejournal.com profile] infinityduck and I went out to dinner with my parents, and I ate fried fishes, which was was, since I love fried fishes but do not often get/think to eat them. Also there was dessert. Then because we are boring people, we went home and Chris was like "let's go to bed early!!!three" and that seemed like a good idea because I felt tired and normally I am prepared to fall asleep pretty much any time, but despite a valiant effort and several episodes of MST3K, it turns out I couldn't sleep.

So here I am. I just finished cleaning out both my email accounts, which was somewhat bizarre, because one of them had emails from when I was first applying to grad school and of course sparked a lot of "christ, how was that nearly six years ago already?" and "arrrgh what am I doing with my life?"-type thoughts.

My right knee (which I tried to type as "nee") feels (which I tried to type as "fulls" what is wrong with my typing tonight) kind of really not good, like a twisted/bruise-type pain when I bend it. I wonder if I did something to it while sledding, or at yoga. Bah.

I don't actually have much else even vaguely interesting to say, but I found this on the internet, and I think this guy sounds like a total winner:

I'd call him. Or call the police. Either one, really.


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