Feb. 7th, 2011

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Last week was rough. Hopefully this week will be better. One bright spot of last week, though, was that I took the pigs to the vet for a checkup (it had been a year since their last one and the vet was sending me reminder postcards) and they were well received and got clean bills of health. I'm so grateful and feel like I should be constantly knocking on wood, and I'm going to do it again right now....

There we go.

Anyway, the vet agreed that Nicky's eye is Nicky's eye, and that any surgical cure would be worse than the disease, especially since she eats like a pro and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

My mom chauffeured us, and then took some pictures. I now share them with you.

Good lord, who is that hideous bag lady sitting next to the fleece-wrapped piggy carrier?!

Oh wait. That's me. Ugh. )

And now it is back to ye olde grinde. No snowstorms forecast for this week, and I need to make myself go to yoga so I can be a healthy role model for healthy pigs. Or something.
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So I've been out of one of my allergy medications and it's the one I take at night so I didn't think it mattered but apparently it does because today I've been sneezing like crazy, gushing snot like a slow waterfall, and doing that thing where I feel like if I repeatedly hit myself in the head with a book everything would make a lot more sense.

So given the fact that my thought process is addled by my brains working their way out my nose, I want to ask you, do you have a tattoo?

Is your tattoo THIS FUCKING BADASS?!??!!

This is clearly the most hardcore tattoo ever until I get "WHEET" across my back in big gothic letters with skulls and fire and seven pirate hats.


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