Feb. 28th, 2011

maypirate: (Phantom - Phoenix bed)
Today I feel kind of pretty dismal.

Nicky has a little lump under her bad eye that's making me worry and wibble about how she just got a clean bill of health. She doesn't seem to be acting any differently, but she'll be going back to the vet on Thursday, 11 months ahead of schedule just to be safe. I worry about her so much and I have to remember that nothing's even happened yet.

I left my cellphone at home and feel weirdly naked, and I have four days worth of subscriptions to run, which means hand typing in approximately 100 different credit cards (1600 numbers in all).

Also I hate when people run up huge late fees then try to make it seem like it's ridiculous by asking how much the movie actually cost. Yeah, the movie doesn't cost as much as the late fee. But if you'd wanted to pay the price of the movie, you should have bought it yourself and not kept our stuff.


I'm just gonna go crawl under a rock until I'm fit for non-customer-related human interaction again.


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