May. 6th, 2011

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So I worked late and then I got home and made macaroni and decided to finish my TARDIS, so I put on Criminal Minds, and then when that ran out I switched to X-Files, and eventually it became the middle of the night but MY PROJECTS ARE COMPLETE.

Okay, all the [ profile] help_japan stuff is complete and one personal project but I'm so insanely proud that I just have to share.


Man, I guess it's time to try to go to bed so I can get up and go back to work again because the new arrivals didn't come yesterday. Urgh.
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In case anyone missed it, there is a TARDIS and a special surprise evil guest in the post I made in a late-night sewing stupor. I'm still really proud of my things, and I hope the recipients are too.

I will have to make more QBs, though. More of them, possibly for marketing to fund my sinister tea latte and Charlotte habits.

I worked until ten last night when my work computer borked itself, sewed for hours, went to bed around 3:30, woke up around 9 coughing, and so have bedded around/been lazy although I need to go back to work because none of the new stuff for next week came yesterday which is stupid and annoying.

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[ profile] caffeaffogato: I hope if I ever had to deal with [dying from a disease] I'd do it in a way that made everyone remember me fondly
[ profile] caffeaffogato: but I also imagine my last days being one where I'm drooling and cackling about gay sex in my senility
[ profile] caffeaffogato: it'll be totally great
[ profile] caffeaffogato: we'd have a blast
[ profile] maypirate: We'd make sure that you died like you lived.
[ profile] caffeaffogato: what in a ditch
[ profile] maypirate: A hideous cesspool of a human being.
[ profile] maypirate: Also yes. In a ditch.

Anyway, it's Friday, and [ profile] jou passed this on to me, so, you know. Do it Puella-style.


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