Jun. 9th, 2011

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This morning, bright and hideously early, I got my last three fillings, so now I am done with the holes in my mouth and such. At least, I hope so. Someday when I have fabulous dollars, I will replace my silver fillings with toothy-colored fillings, but that day is far off and for now the cavities are defeated, which is what's really important.

Except that I'm super tired cuz I had to get up at 6 after going to be at 1. I've been super tired all week actually, and I blame the heat and my job and my job.

I did take a nap when I got home from a very long draggy day (that was briefly made better with cinnamon ice cream) and woke up in time to hear the tornado sirens going off. Since all the stuff happening in the south, my mom assisted me in gathering various storm-related goods to keep in the storage space in my apartment's basement, so I threw the pigs in a basket and we went down and were saved. Also the funnel cloud passed over Madison, but we were on top of things.

The pigs don't seem to have that "animal weather radar" thing, though, since Nicky was sitting in a pile of hay going "what, do we have to go somewhere?" and Olivia was her usual "WHY MUST YOU PICK ME UP, IT INCONVENIENCES ME SO MUCH!"

Here is a terrible picture of them in their bin in our safespace, where they sat and looked bored while I read quietly and waited for the storm to pass.

I have this weekend off, and hope to accomplish things, that I have listed for myself under the cut.

Potential future accomplishments. )

I have planned my escape route for today, and there will be napping. And then a trip to the Shish Cafe for a belated familytimes birthday dinner. That is all.


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