Sep. 25th, 2011

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So in addendum to my last jobby post wherein I said my boss wanted to have two locations open simultaneously, the situation has changed.

No no, instead we'll be closed for two days during the week. But meanwhile, we're going to be open for rentals until Tuesday while the entire store is being disassembled around us. It's hard to find things, sections are broken up, there are cords and nails everywhere...this is, officially, the worst idea my boss has ever had. And lo, she has had many.

But I'm actually considerably less depressed. Because it's gone so far into the ridiculously incomprehensible that it's bordering on hysterical.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

This is where I spent my evening last night. )

Just take me along.

While it sucks for everyone, I have no patience for customers complaining about things not having immediately visible covers (boo fucking hoo), the people who are like "but we're so close!" (dude, we're moving two fucking blocks and you don't have to work this mess), and especially not the guy who came in last night asking if we had liquor when there are BARS ON EITHER SIDE OF US.

So yeah. I was there until 12 and shortly I'm going back and this will make day 8 of being at work every day with no immediately guaranteed day off in sight. But honestly, I'm doing okay, because I hooked up a TV so we don't have to work in horrible silence and it's just so comically inept at this point that like...what am I gonna do?

This morning [ profile] feels_like_fire hid my keys so I couldn't go back to work before she made me breakfast, and I had this text conversation with Richard, who opened this morning and hadn't actually seen everything until them:

Me: Are you surviving?
Richard: I guess you could say that. This is a fucking mess.
Me: I'll be there soon.
Richard: Bring a gas can.
Me: I've heard kerosene works better (thanks, [ profile] mossgreen!)
Richard: Molotov cocktail hour

And that's the way it is.


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