Mar. 15th, 2011

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The days just fly by. Here are things I done.

-Friday: Celebrated anniversary with [ profile] infinityduck by eating sushi and eel, watching "The Secret of Kells," and going to bed at 10 with MST3K. GOOD TIMES.

-Saturday: used my birthday waffle maker with [ profile] jou and [ profile] infinityduck, although the waffle mix I picked out tasted all grainy and kosher. We watched "The Fighter" which I very much liked, and I got to be proud of my Mr. CBale all over again. Then Chris went to play a show with his band, and Jo and I were lazy people who watched SVU.

-Sunday: Continued to be lazy, went to late lunch with [ profile] jou and [ profile] sail_aweigh, then sat at sewed while watching Found Footage and such for the rest of the night.

-Monday: Experienced Monday. Got word from [ profile] monkeybobert that she is safely back from Tokyo.

I have to make a list of things to do before I leave on Wednesday afternoon, and a bunch of them are cleaning my apartment. THE CYCLE NEVER ENDS.

Here's the meme that's going around, which is dandy because 19 is one of my lucky numbers. )

Dun forget, info on my [ profile] help_japan auctions is right here! :D

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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved [ profile] yawmin! I know you're having a rough time and I wish I was there with you to hold you and pet you and make you tea and make you laugh and sleep on your floor to MST3K. I really hope this year is good to you, better than a lot of the recent ones, because you deserve nothing but the best. I love you terribly and think about you every day, even if I suck at the phone.

Keep your gold boots moving, my fur-lined bra.

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Today is a day of odes, apparently. I promise I'll stop after this one. :F

So I know this guy.

Online he goes by [ profile] infinityduck. He puts his glasses on my stuffed animals.

What a freak, huh?

In talking to someone recently, I realized it wasn't entirely clear who this dude is, despite the fact that he turns up in my LJ a lot. This bizarro-kid is my boyfriend Chris, and this weekend was our two year anniversary. SHAZAM. He's been dating me that long! That makes him a DOUBLEFREAK. :D

Chris is the Nicky to my Olivia.

The Phantom...

to my Swan.

The George Clooney to my croissants.

And perhaps most importantly, the Tom Servo to my Crow T. Robot.

Happy late Nuzzday, Nuzz. ♥


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