Aug. 16th, 2011

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I started an entry earlier but then my boss came in early for her dumb face and I couldn't finish it and now I'm tired and my internet is the speed of a severely impaired snail and I don't have the mental or emotional energy to shout at a fucking automated voice menu right now.

Here's a list of some things from the past few days of me, I'll elaborate on at least one of them in the future:

-I started watching "Spartacus: Sex and Profanity Blood and Sand" over the weekend, then passed it on to [ profile] jou and now we are both entranced by the violence and the filth they say and the trashy delicious drama. :)
-My brand new headphones from Otakon broke before I ever got to use them. :(
-I got charged almost $300 for two allergy appointments, thanks American healthcare system. :(
-I snapped at a woman on the phone because of the stupid American healthcare system and she didn't deserve it. :(
-I cried about bills. :(
-[ profile] jou and I went dumpster diving. :)
-I called the place I applied to and the woman on the phone wasn't very nice and it made me wonder if every local business has some kind of horrible troll owner, because the ones I've worked for so far definitely do and now I am so much less excited about the job but I doubt I'll get it. :(
-I cried about my job prospects. :(
-I got a haircut finally. :)
-I did not win $5000 from the grocery store. :(
-I got myself a piece of cake to feel better. :)
-Really, I can't even post a fucking comment on LJ? My guinea pig tumblr won't load? What the hell am I paying for, Charter?! >(
-[ profile] jou gave me her old ipod touch, which was actually [ profile] feels_like_fire's old ipod touch. It's kind of like giving a salamander a forklift - my ineptitude with it knows no bounds. But I did name it "Kikipod" and gave it a Kirk/Sulu wallpaper. :)
-There is the 2nd Annual Sulu Fest going on but's the middle of the week and I have no time. :(

So really it all evens out to something like this:

In the future I'll tell the magical tale of Bearz and Burrz and the Great Trash-Looting Adventure, but right now I think I just need to go to bed.


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