Aug. 2nd, 2011

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So my story of Otakon goes something like this.

Despite my plans on getting to the airport in time to get our bags on the plane (which meant we got up at 3:15 and left at 4), the security line was incredibly long and terribly slow, such that I was certain we were going to miss the flight. We finally made it through just as they started paging us, and Chris ran ahead to tell them we were coming, while I grabbed all our stuff and then ran with it. In retrospect, we really should have done it the other way around, because I thought I might have my very fist asthma attack.

But we made it.

And eventually we got to D.C., from which [ profile] yawmin retrieved us. There was gumbo and Rita's. Thursday we drove to Baltimore and accidentally took the scenic route. We folded shirts in accordance with prophecy and surprisingly didn't have to wait in line for the Japanese restaurant.

Friday morning was when I realized that in my incredible brilliance, I had failed to pack half of my button parts. I had thought that the fronts and backs were in a bag together, but nope. Just a bag of the backs. And so I prepared myself for a button-less con, when [ profile] infinityduck found a kind girl who shared her button parts and they lasted me all through the weekend. It was amazing. I owe her a squid and so much more.

And then I drew forever, because no one wanted the buttons I brought with me, just commissions. Here are some of the things I drew:

-12 My Little Pony ponies, all for one guy (I thus learned the term "Brony")
-Kurt and whatshisboyfriend from Glee
-5 Llamas with hats
-Some "Drrrr" yaoi that wasn't supposed to be yaoi because the girl wanted to give it to her dad such that he wouldn't know it was yaoi? I don't even know what was going on there.
-Sailor Moon
-Several people at the con
-A tardis
-David Tennant
-Castiel from SPN
-Fire-nation Zutara
-A bunch of original characters
-The perennial "Ed eating cake" button
-A Dolfie
-Diva Charlotte
-Fai and Kurogane from Tsubasa as a doctor and nurse, respectively
-Fai by himself
-A submarine sandwich
-Other stuff I don't remember

My fancy new uniformed Spock doll had many admirers, but no one bought him, so in the end he went home with Aja. I did sell Mystique, though, and to a person on LJ!

Admidst this there was bubble tea, lots of fried food from the concessions, visiting with [ profile] junemermaid and [ profile] moonscreations and a few trips to the dealer's room. This was actually the first con in years where I bought no Asuka-related goods. It was very strange.

And then eventually, we came back home. And I spent Monday sleeping forever. I had a good time, although it seemed to last barely any time at all. Chris had a good time too, and that was important, as it was his first con and initially I was all worried and stuff.

And so it passed.

And here are some pictures. )

Stay tuned for a totally ridiculous Charlotte-related recap, because I had an idea and then I ran with it and it got out of hand the end.
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I took my Charlotte doll to Otakon.

She was very popular. In fact, many people asked if she was for sale. No, she was not. Several people asked if they could just hug her. That was allowed.

This is Charlotte's recap of her journey to fabulousness and back again. )

The end! ♥


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