Aug. 22nd, 2011

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Man, last week happened and I didn't really accomplish much of anything. I'm in a terrible creative drought (I know, but worse than usual, really) and I mostly just lay around and watched "Spartacus: Sex and Profanity" and poked at "Fruit Ninja" and "Bejeweled" on the Kikipod.

To spare everyone the whining, I'll get it over with quickly: boo boo boo I suck at fandom and I'll never write or be creative again everything sucks.


I promised the tale of [ profile] jou and I dumpster diving last week, and so it shall be. We wandered far and wide, from the frats and co-ops to university-type housing, up and down hills, across the Square. But the journey itself is not as interesting as what we found (the things we actually kept are denoted with a "*"):

-Some posters, one of a famous painting of a guy standing on a cliff over the sea*
-A stairstep basket*
-A half-used bottle of lube
-A still-working finger vibrator (don't worry, we were wearing rubber gloves)
-At least four microwaves
-Shoes that were way too big
-Ants. Oh god, ants.
-A vodka bottle shaped like an assault rifle
-Old underwear, both men's and women's, including bras of all kinds and at least one thong
-A bunch of empty DVD cases
-Lots of bathroom products: shampoo, sponges, soaps, etc.
-A dark blue hoodie with a faded star pattern*
-A yellow "California" shirt (from Cal Berkeley)*
-5 beer pitchers from the student union that can be redeemed for $1 each*
-A blank wooden plaque suitable for crafting*
-Small pictures for collaging*
-2 garlands of fake flowers*
-2 beer glasses from local bars*
-Slipper-shoe things*
-3 perfectly good dresses*
-1 brown flowy peasant skirt*
-1 lacy dress thing with a top that turned out to be really stretched out but maybe can be fixed*
-A blouse*
-Lounge pants*
-A tan shirt with a silver sequined collar* (I'm wearing it right now!)
-A good pair of black sketchers slip on shoes*
-A Mortal Kombat comic book from the early 90's* (it was given as a present to [ profile] infinityduck)
-Rotting meat saran-wrapped to a plate and sdhfskdhks it was so awful we both screamed
-Lots and lots of (generally meat-free) dishes
-Some good coffee tables
-Furniture that seemed like it could have been donated but no, college kids are wasteful
-A book on architectural design*
-A box of 2010-2011 day planners
-Lots of old notebooks, course papers, etc (but sadly no textbooks that could be turned in for dollars)
-A picture frame*
-More old condiments/kitchen cabinet goods/empty liquor bottles than can ever really be counted

I'm sure there was more, but that's all I can really remember. The horrormeat was notable, as was the working vibrator. By the end we were very tired and had drinks with [ profile] infinityduck, then went home to collapse. It was probably my most productive "Hippie Christmas" in several years and I was glad for the company since last year I had to do it on my own.

I have all of one day off from now until Sept. 2nd, and I intend to use it to clean all the things since [ profile] feels_like_fire will be moving in prooobably this coming weekend. She is my new Danielle, only taller and more actually around! It will be an adventure no doubt. I wish I could help her drive across the country, but sadly, there is acid to be mined.


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